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Sustenance: A Guide to Good Food

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Sustenance: A Guide to Good Food

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The ultimate guide to learning how to cook at home!

Whether you're just beginning your journey of cooking beautiful food at home, or you're already a capable cook but want to expand your knowledge, this is the book for you!

Split into four parts, Sustenance: A Guide to Good Food focuses on:

  • Equipment - From different kinds of stovetops to what all the many shapes and sizes of knives are for, this part of the book explains the uses for and differences between all popular kitchen equipment, giving specific recommendations for upgrading your kitchen equipment.
  • Ingredients - If you want to learn when to use different kinds of cooking oils, or what the best way to use different cuts of beef are, this is where you'll find that information! With chapters on everything from salt to cheese, you'll learn how to make the most of ingredients.
  • Techniques - Ever wonder what "finely chop" actually means? No idea how to chop your onions without crying? Look no further. With an expansive glossary of cooking terms, and detailed instructions on everything from chopping different kinds of vegetables to making stock and pickles, this section provides you with the knowledge needed to improve your skills in the kitchen.
  • Recipes - The best way to apply the knowledge you learn is by making some beautiful food! With over 25 detailed recipes focusing on commonly available ingredients, you'll learn how to make everything from delicious pasta dishes to beef and chicken roasts, as well as soups, pastries, egg dishes, steak, fries, caramel brownies, and some Irish specialties!

In addition to almost 200 pages of useful and important information, and lots of beautiful food photography, all information is properly referenced and expanded on in sidenotes and a bibliography, so you know where to look to expand your knowledge even further on topics that really peak your interest!

Get the Guide to Good Food and take the next step in learning how to make beautiful food at home!

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