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The Weekly Shop Cookbook

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It is no secret that the cost of living has increased exponentially in recent months. As always, those hit hardest by such changes are those who had it tough to begin with. The burden of footing the bill for the increases in business costs always falls to you, the consumer.

The price of groceries has also drastically increased, leading many to assert that, with the increased costs of gas and electricity, cooking meals at home is not an efficient use of resources. In this book, I show you that that isn't the case, and that you can make a full week of lunches and dinner for two people for just £40 or $50 worth of groceries!

Taking you through an entire week of shopping and cooking, I provide:

  • A comprehensive and complete shopping list
  • 14 in-depth recipes on how to make the most of these ingredients

I hope that you find this book useful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out here:

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The Weekly Shop Cookbook

11 ratings
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